Concurrent Workshops

Pre-Conference Intensive

Presented by Dr. Jerry M. Carter, Jr.

Thursday, November 15


Experiencing the Text – Ever wonder what would it be like to experience the rich dimensions of a passage of scripture by walking in the shoes of the characters - exploring what they see, hear, smell and feel? This pre-conference intensive is designed to immerse the preacher into the world of the text through a multi-sensory approach to scriptural exegesis and interpretation. 

A $99 registration fee applies; only 25 slots available on a first come, first served basis.

3 Concurrent Workshops

1.    Renewing the Mind: Cultivating Sermons for Mental Wellness

Preaching and teaching collides with and calls into conformity the contemporary issues of our day.  Every is talking about mental illness, mental health and mental wellness. Much of this conversation is maintenance and management, self-help tips to cope with our societal, chemical and seasonal imbalances.  The gospel proclaims that our minds can be transformed by the renewing of our minds. This workshop explores effective tools and techniques for crafting messages which transform the psyche and result in mental wellness.

2.    Reading Between the Lines: Asking the Right Questions to Expose the Text

The expositor’s task is to “make the book talk”.  If, indeed, it is true that there is “nothing new under the sun” we need precise methods of unearthing the riches of scripture to faithfully address our Creator, God’s creation and current culture.  No one comes to the text empty.  In order to “rightly divide the word of the truth” it is incumbent upon us know what questions to ask of history, society and the text.  Every proclaimer is responsible to put bias and privilege aside, step over clichés and sound bites and press beyond what we have always heard to give an accurate account of what God says to God’s people.

3.    Beyond Exegesis: The Work of the Holy Spirit in Preparation

A manuscript or outline does not make a message.  One can “slay the house” and no deliverance take place.  Giftedness and library will never replace anointing.  Nothing happens in the valley of dry bones until the breath breathes over those bones.  The same is true with our work.  This conversation examines the role of the Holy Spirit in the preparation process.  We will review strategies for renewing our dependence on the Holy Spirit as we get ready to minister to God’s people.

4.    Sermon and Sermon Series Planning: How to Construct a Preaching Calendar that Shapes a Congregation and the Reading Plan to Support It

Preaching is hard work.  Where do sermons come from?  How do we put together messages that actually grow people and push the church to fulfill the vision of God week after week?  During this experience participants will walk through example of annual sermon series planning and help you build a reading plan to feed the plan. You cannot write, if you do not read.  Invest in your gift and move from “thin” to “think” preaching.