Our Vision & Mission

Held annually in November since 2008, the How Shall They Hear (HSTH) Preaching Conference is spiritually grounded in Romans 10:9-15. The passage states “faith comes by hearing” the Word of God preached by someone sent by God and asks, “How shall they hear without a preacher?” HSTH exists to equip those who are called to preach the gospel, with practical, theological resources aimed at developing the discipline of preaching. Pastors, preachers, evangelists, ministers in training (MITs) and seminarians are encouraged to attend this annual gathering of proclaimers of the gospel for instruction, inspiration, edification and empowerment.

Plenary sessions and interactive workshops are facilitated by nationally and internationally acclaimed expositors. Conference participants glean from the teaching and preaching experiences of some of the most prolific, prophetic and often times poetic, theological voices of our time.

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”
— 1 Corinthians 1:18 (NIV)

Our Objective

HSTH exists to impact preachers who impact churches that impact the world. It reaches across gender, ethnic, generational and denominational lines to empower and equip those called to preach.

Previous Conference Themes:

Founded in 2008, HSTH has informed and shaped the development of pastors and preachers across the nation.

2012 – Redeeming Christ-Centered Preaching

2011 – Doctrinal Preaching

2010 – Prophetic Preaching

2009  – Biblical Preaching: Sermons in the Shape of Scripture

2008 – Reclaiming the Centrality of Preaching

2017 - 10 Year Anniversary - Making It Plain: Reimagining Expository Preaching

2016 – Bridging the Gap: Preaching Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

2015 – Preaching from the Inside Out 

2014 –The Gospel in the Marketplace 

2013 – A Time to Speak: Preaching through the Seasons of Life

Past Presenters:

Rev. Lawrence E. Aker
Rev. Cokiesha Bailey Robinson
Dr. Charles E. Booth
Rev. J. Matthew Carter
Rev. Joe A. Carter
Dr. Leslie D. Callahan
Dr. Marcus D. Cosby
Dr. Wayne E. Croft
Rev. Jeffrey A. Dennis
Dr. Fred L. Fairley, Sr.
Rev. Joel Gregory
Sr. Bishop John E. Guns
Dr. Marilyn Monroe Harris
Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III
Dr. Perry J. Hopper
Dr. David Jefferson, Sr. 
Rev. Jeffrey A.Johnson, Sr.

Dr. Carolyn A. Knight
Dr. Cleophus J. LaRue
Dr. Raquel S. Lettsome
Bishop Rudolph McKissick, Jr.
Dr. Yolanda Pierce
Dr. Keith A. Russell
Rev. J. Michael Sanders
Dr. Jasmine “Jazz” Sculark
Dr. Granville A. Seward
Dr. Martha J. Simmons
Dr. E. Dewey Smith
Dr. Robert R. Smith, Jr.
Dr. Leonard Sweet
Dr. James D. Watley
Dr. Maurice Watson
Dr. Lisa M. Weah
Dr. Ralph D. West